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08.02.2023 - The Žirovnica Path of Cultural Heritage

The intercultural trip in the organization of Intercultural dialog in collaboration with Radio Študent and Slovenian Philanthropy as part of their project Migrant giving voice to migrants, happened on the Slovenian Day of culture on 8th of February. This is the day when we remember one of the best known Slovenian poets, France Prešeren. The trip started with the take off from Ljubljana and continued with the first stop at a rest area near Kranj, where attendees of the trip could enjoy a practical Turkish breakfast.

The Zirovnica Path of Cultural Heritage

Join us on the interactive walk through path in memory of Slovenian poet France Prešere on the anniversary of his death, 8th of february 2023. The walk will take place in Žirovnica and its surroundings. The path is called “Žirovnica Cultural Heritage Trail”.

Active Citizens for Positive Change - 28.11.2022

Event Active Citizens for Positive Change happened on monday 28th of November 2022 in the atrium of ZRC SAZU. The event was organized by two projects supported by Active Citizens Found Slovenia – Migrants giving voice to migrants implemented by Radio Študent and Slovenian philanthropy and project BODE implemented by Humanitarian organization ADRA Slovenia and Društvo za medkulturni dialog.