Enolončnica #7 - Wartime for Ukrainians in Slovenia

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In ou 7th Enolončnica, we talked with Oleg Rogoza, Human Rights Advocator and Community Leader.

Oleg is from Ukraine and is living here in Slovenia for 10 years.

We listned to his life story - all about Russo - Ukrainian War, his community in Slovenia and their support for Ukraine and Ukrainian people, his thoughts about how to be migrant in Slovenia and manj more interesting facts.

Dialogue Iftar - join our event!

Ramadan is in full swing! During this holy month, we are aiming to have more dialogue with people who are interested in intercultural dialogue.

At the event volunteers of Društvo Medkulturni dialog will present the concept of iftar - what does it mean, when does it take place, typical foods, etc. Of course, it will not be strictly talking. Iftar means dinner, but not just any dinner - it's a special gathering after fasting throughout the day. Who doesn't agree the best way to meet new people and hear their stories is while sharing tasty food?

Enolončnica #6 - Egyptian in Slovenia

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In our 6th Enolončnica, our guest were from one of the biggest countries of the African continent, Egypt.

Ahmed Kadourra is living here in Slovenia for 5 years and he is working for shooting agencies in the European market. 

We listened to his life story, his interesting profession in Slovenia, his thoughts about how to be a migrant in Slovenia, and his life experiences and sincere messages for migrants in Slovenia.