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Enolončnica # 11 - Japanese girl who comes from Peru in Slovenia

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We have met with Eriko Oyakawa. She is living in Slovenia for one and a half year. She is originally from Japan and she is the fourth generation after her ancestors migrated to Peru.

She works as an international wedding organizer and she also works for social marketing for associations and companies. She is a vice-president of the Association of Latin Americans in Ljubljana.

Enolončnica # 10 - Nigerian entrepreneur in Slovenia

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On the 10th Enolončnica we talked with Fred Uduma.

Fred is coming from Nigeria and is living here in Slovenia for more than 19 years. He established the associations of Nigerians in 2005 and he signed more than 100 projects for intercultural dialogue between Slovenia and Nigeria and advocacy of African in Slovenia and the EU.

Enolončnica # 9 - 10th Anniversary of the "Kontorla leta" and RŠ

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For the 9th Enolončnica we attended the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the "Kontorla leta", the only radio show in the Serbian language in Slovenia.

With the authors of some other minority shows on RŠ and other guests, we talked about the beginings and current state of minority radio production in Slovenia.

The tribune was followed by toast, refreshments ans enertainment!

Enolončnica 8 - Ugandan football player and Turkish software developer in Slovenia

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In our 8th Enolončnica we had our guests from Uganda and Turkey.

Silas was born and raised in Uganda and was a semi-pro football player. He studied Computer Scinence and Instructional Scinences in Turkey. He has been living Slovenia for the past 7 months.

Aziz is from Turkey and is originally Kurdish. He is working as a software developer for media ad provider company. He came to Slovenia 10 months ago.

Enolončnica #7 - Wartime for Ukrainians in Slovenia

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In ou 7th Enolončnica, we talked with Oleg Rogoza, Human Rights Advocator and Community Leader.

Oleg is from Ukraine and is living here in Slovenia for 10 years.

We listned to his life story - all about Russo - Ukrainian War, his community in Slovenia and their support for Ukraine and Ukrainian people, his thoughts about how to be migrant in Slovenia and manj more interesting facts.