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Enolončnica#21 - Interview with Colombian accountant & costumer service

Listen to the show here!

In this Enolončnica show you can meet and hear more about Yady Lorena Meza Obando. She is Colombian, who lives here in Slovenia for the past 9.5 years. Besides her job, she is working as an accountant, she dabbles in different kinds of hobbies like knitting, photographing and other hand-made creations.

Enolončnica#20 - Interview with Sudanese digital marketer

Listen to the show here!

In this edition of the radio show Enolončnica we hosted Tamed from Sudan. Currently he is working in digital marketing for a company based in Saudi Arabia and in Slovenia, but he majored in Sport Administration from Sudan University for Science & Technology. 

Videos from Training for sound and video recording and editing in July and September 2022

On the links below you can find finished videos that were made by participants of twoTrainings for sound and video recording and editing for migrants. The first two part training took place in the middle of July 2022 and were mentored by two members  of the Radio Študent Video section. The second two part training  took place in Debeli Rtič in September 2022.

Here are videos from July’s workshops: