Enolončnica # 14 - Interview with Marco Segovia from Ecuador

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Marco Segovia fro Ecuador was our guest on 14th Enolončnica Radio Show. First he migrated to Italiy and then to Slovenia. He is working in the field of sustainable development and circular economy ans is a Project Director of the non-profit  organization Cirucalr Change.


Enolončnica # 13 - Kirghiz activist in Slovenia

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In the 12th Enolončni radio show, we hosted Aigul Hakimova from Kyrgyzstan.

She came to Slovenia in 2001 as student of Antropology and is a legal representative of Kulturno društvo Gmajna for the past 15 years. She is working as activist in the NGO sector as project coordinator for projects that are mainly connected to migrant, human and workers rights.

Managing finances and organising events - free workshop for migrants

Slovene Philanthropy and Radio Študent are holding a series of free workshops for migrants in Slovenia aimed at empowering migrants who are significantly disadvantaged in Slovenian society to actively advocate for their needs and rights.

This September we will execute two different workshops – good news, you can apply to all as they don’t overlap!

Enolončnica # 12 - Social activism for migration in Slovenia and pushbacks

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In the 12th episode of Enolončnica we talked with Desmond from Cameroon and Katja Ustoša from Slovenia.

Desmond came to Slovenia in 2021 through the Balkan route and is seeking asylum. Both Desmond and Katja are members of Infokolpa initiative which tries to raise awareness of the conditions of people on the move on the Balkan peninsula.

2nd round of journalistic training for migrant on Radio Študent

The 2nd round of journalistic training for migrants on Radio Študent started in march 2022. Mentor from Radio Študent introduced participants wiht different kind of journalistic articles and how to prepare them. These are mainly articles on advocacy topics such as experineces in regulating legal status, state of integration, and exercise of rights, daily life, social and cutural participations of migrants, conditions in coutries if origin, etc.,...