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10th anniversary of the serbian language radio show Kontrola leta

Kontrola leta

On May 5, a celebration of the 10th anniversary of the show "Kontrola leta" took place in the Gromka club on Metelkova with a panel discussion about Minorities and the media, a banquet and a DJ program. The anniversary was part of the 53rd birthday celebration of Radio Študent.

Guest of the panel discussion  - dr. Bojan Anđjelković, Furkan Güner, Marijana Kuljanac, mag. Brankica Petković, Špela Stare, dr. Dinko Gruhonjić and Tamara Opačić) talked about beginnings, current state and future of mniority radio production in Slovenia. Discussion was moderated by Biljana Žikić, editor of radio show Kontrola let. Kontrol leta is a collage cultural-informative show in the Serbian language, which is based on criticism and dialogue between Serbian and Slovenian culture. Its authors present the current happenings on the Serbian alternative cultural scene (music, literature, theater, film) to RŠ listeners every other Saturday.

The DJ program was prepared by Marijana Kuljanac and Ružica Petrova, the authors of the music show Hiljardu decibela on RŠ.

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