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Enolončnica #5 - Born to travel

Born to travel

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In our fifth Enolončnica at Radio Študent, David de Sousa was our guest from the biggest country of Latin America Brazil. He is living here in Slovenia for more than 15 years and he is having some interesting hobbies. His nickname is “Viajante NATO” which means "traveler" or "born to travel" because his free time in Slovenia is always in motion.  

He is a professional hiker who started to hike the great Transverzala Slovenia which is around 600km from Maribor to Piran last year, he is a cyclist, mushroomer, bookbinder, ice igloo home-builder in Slovenian mountains, and last but not least he is a great cook who can prepare a special barbecue in Brazilian style that takes an almost whole day to cook the meat on high heat. 

We listened to his interesting stories about how he came to Slovenia and how he learned and does all those things in our friendly conversation while we listened to some Brazilian traditional songs in between our colorful talk.  

Besides, the 16th of January is “World Religion Day”. There are 4,200 religions all around the world. Sometimes we as migrants and foreigners have different faiths or religions in the countries that we are living in. This is a part of pluralism in a society. So we also talked about why this day is important and we will try to find an answer to the question “why religions representatives and followers of the different faiths should come together more?”   

Thank you for listening.

We are going to be on air on the third Saturday of February at 18:00 at the Radio Študent 89,3 MHz. So stay tuned. 

The show was prepared by Furkan Güner.