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Enolončnica #4 - Speciality Food with Bosnian Cook in Slovenia

Speciality Food with Bosnian Cook in Slovenia

Listen to the show here!

This Saturday the 18th of December, On Enoloncnica radio show 🎧 At Radio Student 📡

In Our show, we had our kindred spirit cook Dalibor Novakovič aka "DADO" 👇

We talked about: the story of our talented cook, how he chose Slovenia, and how he ended up in front of the cooking stove.

His parents are economical migrants of the 80s in Yugoslavia. He was born in Serbia but he has grown up in Slovenia and lived all his life here.

He says that he feels like Slovenian 🇸🇮 We asked him how does it feel to be a migrant in the 80s in Slovenia and now because he has both perspectives to see the situation in Slovenia.

We also talked about the story of his cozy container food corner "Žmoht" in Moste.

18th of December has another meaning for our show. It is International Migrant Day and we also mentioned it.

How food unites people and is a good tool for dialogue and integration. Did DADO's delicious food help him to make more friends in Slovenia?

Then our next important topic was "Christmas". Why we should celebrate Christmas altogether and this kind of holiday.

Why do we need a pluralistic culture? Can multiculturalism create diversity and peace in our society in Slovenia?

The show was prepared by Furkan Güner.